25 June 2018

The Wrap-Up

Yesterday morning was the last Sunday of choir at HTUMC, and we enjoyed the supplementary participation of both Marissa Bell on flute, and the handbell choir.  At the Benediction, the Pastor made a very nice announcement to send the choir off into Summer, as it were, and an expression of gracious appreciation of the choir’s ministry;  it was a touching moment.  On my choir’s behalf, I was deeply gratified that they should be recognized for their work and their contribution.

Overall, it is an excellent feeling, that the choir are in a much more agreeable place now, than at this time last year, when things had soured with our previous organist.  (At least, last June, we did enjoy the company of a substitute for the final two Sundays when the choir sang.)

When I got home yesterday afternoon, I set to work on a short piece for flute, clarinet & organ, Five Smooth Stones From the Wadi.

Another event which was pure pleasure, was Michael Joseph’s recital at Nashua’s Masonic Hall, which is home to an 1895 Woodbury & Harris organ.  Michael began with his own Festive Toccata (originally published by Belwyn Mills, but now apparently out of print) and continued with music of FrescobaldiFrançois CouperinBuxtehudeJS BachBrahms, & al.   There are plans to record music, so that the Hall has a CD to promote the instrument.

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