06 June 2018

Looking to Sunday, chiefly

In March of 2014, I prepared a gentle SATB arrangement of My Lord, What a Morning (the Op.118 № 5).  What I had long forgotten until I reviewed this blog post is, the handbell accompaniment was a late thought – probably allied to concerns about our then organist, God bless her.

At present, we cannot well utilize that arrangement, in part because we cannot this year manage "true SATB";  and in part because we have the fewest non-singing handbell ringers yet.

As we have already sung the anthems which I had at first planned for this Sunday (because we shall be missing two of our three-or-four altos) we need something we can assemble in a hurry.  (I have noticed that some publishers have booklets of "anthems in a hurry," for just such a contingency, but I have not yet investigated for, shall we say, suitability.)  My choir did so well, this Sunday past, with the SAB unaccompanied arrangement of How Can I Keep From Singing?, I have decided to whip up an SAB unaccompanied version, i.e. newly set, of My Lord, What a Morning (the Op.146 № 11).  I need to finish this tonight, in order to have it ready to print out for tomorrow evening's rehearsal.

Yes, this is accepting another (and arguably, a competing) immediate task, above and beyond the Contest piece at which my present work is darned near feverish.  But, hey – welcome to my world.  It goes without saying that the idea of the piece must be, that my fearless choir be able to put it together in just tomorrow evening's, and Sunday morning's, rehearsals.

Oh, my (equally fearless) handbell choir will also perform Rejoice this Sunday.  It has taken a while to rehearse it, but my ringers have risen to the challenge well.

I am presently listening to the Haydn E-flat Sonata (Hob. XVI/52) as recorded by Tom Beghin.

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