20 March 2013

Rolling along

The Organ Sonata (of which, yes, only the first movement is as yet complete, though I do have sketches for each of the remaining two movements) is starting to make the rounds . . . I've sent the PDF to organists in New York & Sweden. Paul himself is game to take a look, but only when he shall have returned from Jamaica, the slacker. 

On St Patrick's Day, I revisited two incomplete scores, neither of which had I looked at in a long time (and the current state of both scores is about four and a half minutes finished): Discreet Erasures, and (more recently) In the Artist's Studio (There's a wide world in there). As a result, really jazzed about both of them.

Of course, I'm still finishing the clarinet choir piece first. . . .

I'll never know why it didn't occur to me until this year . . . but I've sent e-mail (‘cold,’ but hey . . .) to the music minister at an Episcopal parish quite nearby. And they seem to have a concert series, so that is another door upon which one wisheth to knock.

Pinged my friend in Nashville . . . not sure what to expect at this point viz. the Cello Sonatina or the quartet version of It’s all in your head.... But still, one must try.

A recent outbreak of strict counterpoint in Misapprehension must owe everything to hearing the K.551 at Symphony Hall this Saturday night past (Christoph Eschenbach was the guest conductor, and I believe this is not the first time we've heard the BSO under his leadership; I like him, a lot). I like it, and will presently settle on the question of Whither now?

17 March 2013

In the can

Very pleased with the lately completed Annabel Lee for vocal quartet.  No idea yet if it will be chosen; but if so, the performance will be 25 April in Somerville.

Keen to carry on with the clarinet choir piece, Misapprehension . . . only the temptation is too strong, to revisit an old unfinished piece (which will be finished, in due time, you know).

Hoping for good news on These Unlikely Events, too.

12 March 2013

Thoreau at King's Chapel

Thoreau in Concord Jail went well.  (And I do hope that the recording bears me out on that.)  But indeed, five people came up to the composer afterwards and spoke very warmly (I mean, enthusiastically) about the piece. Curious to say (chalk it up to The first performance is never perfect), I 'rushed' a bit . . . to-day's performance probably clocks at 23 minutes plus.

The kindness and good grace of the audience is always the high point of the experience.  When told that your recent performance was wonderful and beautiful, you hardly dare think that you deserve the words, but it determines you to try always to justify such generous adjectives.

One lady told me that Thoreau's flute, and the lock from his cell, are on view in Concord . . . and Heinrich suggested a concert on location. I wonder . . . .

11 March 2013

And, this week . . . .

Had a good session of practice last night (yes, yes, about time). Thoreau should fly well to-morrow. Will re-charge the HMMCU (Henning Mobile Musick-Capturing Unit) to-night.

And now: I've less than a week to wrap up Annabel Lee, have to send her in to the Libellas this Saturday coming. Onward!

09 March 2013


After a spate of non-blogging, I find a sudden cluster of Henningmusick performances . . . to-morrow, the première of the Kyrie, to be sung by the choir of First Church Boston; Tuesday at lunchtime, Thoreau in Concord Jail (cannot wait to see how it all turns out) and Tuesday evening, the choir of the Cathedral Church of St Paul here in Boston sing the Nunc dimittis again.