04 June 2018

Musicful Sunday

Yesterday morning, their intestinal fortitude reinforced by the addition of Jaya Lakshminarayanan to Team Soprano, my fearless church choir sang not one, not two, but three anthems in the course of our service.  Last of the three was my Alleluia in D with a new flute obbligato written for and played by our Marissa Bell.  Two of the three anthems, I had originally slated for next Sunday, but as I was subsequently advised of a couple of necessary absences (and, the anthems were pretty much ready to roll), we made a morning of it yesterday.

For next Sunday, I began (yesterday afternoon) an SAB arrangement of My Lord, What a Morning.  (A few years ago, I prepared an arrangement, SATB with handbells, which our forces could not well manage at present.)  The new arrangement is to be unaccompanied, as I am encouraged by how well we managed with yesterday's How Can I Keep From Singing?

Last night's Triad concert, Past Is Prologue, went splendidly.  We do need to try to build our audience.

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