29 June 2018

Nothing and everything

Don’t grow up.  It’s a trap.
● Seen on a billboard north of Boston

I Drink and Know Things.
● Seen on a T-shirt on Downtown Crossing

There is more than enough cool in the world, if we can simply keep ours.
● Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

On an almost daily basis, I’ve been revisiting the Boston Harbor Heave-Ho and Revere’s Midnight Reel – more or less the “play-to-destruct” exercise, as Bob Z a/k/a “Bobbsey” was wont to write – and (the deficiencies of MIDI accounted for) I remain entirely satisfied with them.

On the opening of It Might Happen Today, I have not as yet materially expanded.  Mild quantities of thought have bent upon the piece;  it will be tomorrow before there may be further tinkering.

Paul & I may possibly play the Voluntary on “Beautiful Savior” in August – PaulMei Mei play Plotting (y is the new x) on Sunday 19 August.  I’m planning on playing it (i.e., the Voluntary) with Barbara on 9 September.  Five Smooth Stones From the Wadi appears to be on for 15 July;  I think we may not be practicing it all together until that morning.

Holding my breath upon the possibility that Thomas & I may get together to read the Clarinet Sonata in late July.

Sometime soon-ish I should attend to the second and third of the Sauna Songs.

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