02 June 2018

Op.148 first movement done

I began composing The Nerves in the second half of November;  when I reached the one-minute mark, it was time to concentrate (again) on holiday music for my church choir.

Last month, having completed Deep Breath, and renewing my acquaintance with Matthew Marsit, I felt the time was right to bring The Nerves to completion.  It was rather a daring personal challenge, to see if I could finish the movement before I need to clear my composition desk for the external challenge which arrives Monday;  but I also felt that it would be good preparation, to write as quickly as I might, yet without yielding anything in terms of musical quality.

As mentioned in this blog, Gentle Reader, I knew not to expect to make musical progress within the score, either Thursday or Friday evening.  But I did not down tools:  I made many sketches, both verbal and musical.

In the event, I generated more material than I needed for the movement’s completion;  but that is (we might say) good practice, the best practice.  I gave myself rich store of musical stuff, and thus enjoyed the luxury of making do with the choicest modules/ideas.  Everything was fresh in my mind as I worked for some hours today to bring the movement to a conclusion;  I went back to make some minor adjustments;  inserted another measure (the present m.320) to remedy my feeling that the ending was just a shade too abrupt.  And I do believe I am entirely pleased with the result.

Triad concert tomorrow, so that will (quite rightly) occupy me completely once church duties are done.

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