26 October 2012


If you came here expecting a blog post, this may disappoint you.

12 October 2012

Who knew?

Repeatedly, the star sonic entertainment on the sound system at a local Thai café is Israel "Iz" Ka'ano'i Kamakawiwo'ole singing "Hawaiian Superman" (the only words in English throughout the song, by the way) to a sadly overdriven reggae beat.

06 October 2012

Thursday shuffle

Too busy to-day, so this was the shuffle from two days ago, when I was too busy to post . . .

1. Henning: Sonata for Viola & Piano, Op.102 – ii. Suspension Bridge (In Dave’s Shed) (Dana Huyge, Carolyn Ray)

2. Vaughan Williams: Sancta Civitas – v. Rejoice over her, O Heavens (David Willcocks, &al.)

3. Haydn: Baryton Trio in D, Hob.XI/97 – v. Adagio – vi. Minuet – vii. Fuga: Presto (John Hsu, David Miller, Fortunato Arico)

4. Zappa: “Oh-Umm” from Civilization Phaze III

5. Zappa: “Outside Now” [original solo] from Guitar

6. L. Couperin: Le tombeau de M. Blancrocher (Richard Egarr, hpschd)

7. The Beatles: “A Hard Day’s Night” [monaural] from A H. D.’s N.

8. JS Bach: Brandenburg Concerto № 3 in G, BWV 1048 – i. Allegro moderato (English Chamber Orchestra, Johannes Somary)

9. JS Bach: Prelude & Fugue in f# minor, BWV 883 (Christiane Jaccottet, hpschd)

10. Bartók: The Miraculous Mandarin – The curtain rises on a shabby room in the slums (Doráti, BBC Symphony)

11. Shostakovich: Symphony № 14, Op.135 – i. De Profundis (Jansons, Bavarian Radio Symphony, Sergei Aleksashkin)

12. Shostakovich: Fugue № 3 in G, from Op.87 – Allegro molto (Mustonen)

13. Dowland: The Battle Galliard (Nigel North)

14. Langaard: Symphony № 6, Det Himmelrivende – vii. Variation 5: Coda (Dausgaard, Danish National Radio Symphony)

15. Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in Bb, Op.8 № 6, La caccia – i. Allegro (I Solisti Veneti, Claudio Scimone)

16. Chopin: Prelude in f# minor, Op.28 № 8 (Martha Argerich)

17. Brahms: Fugue WoO 9 (Hermann Schäffer, org)

18. Prokofiev: Piano Sonata № 6 in A, Op.82 – ii. Allegretto (Ann-Marie McDermott)

19. Shostakovich: Six Japanese Lyrics, Op.21 № 3 An Immodest Glance (Ilya Levinsky)

20. Beethoven: Piano Sonata № 4 in Eb, Op.7 – iv. Rondo. Poco allegretto e grazioso (Friedrich Gulda)

21. Stravinsky: Le chant du rossignol – ii. Marche chinoise (Doráti, LSO)

22. Debussy: Children’s Corner Suite – i. Dr Gradus ad Parnassum (Michel Béroff)

23. Chávez: String Quartet № 3 – iii. Allegro (Cuarteto Latinoamericano)

24. Skryabin: Prelude in f minor, Op.11 № 18 – Allegro agitato (Lettberg)

25. Debussy: Nocturnes pour orchestra, № 2 Fêtes (Munch, Boston Symphony Orchestra)

26. Devo: “Step Up” from Something for Everybody

04 October 2012


Just now, how amusing to watch — with the sound off, that condition is crucial — four men seated in armchairs in a television studio, discussing sports.

Mere moments later, I saw the poster for an orchestral program including John Cage's 4'33. Coincidence?


At Jordan Hall, waiting for the Callithumpian Consort to come in and do their thing.

Putting it into practice

The self-critical faculty is one of the artist's most valuable tools.

Wait a minute — no; strike that.