28 June 2018

The odd, light task

I dreamt I was touring with a Latin American Yes cover band, named Sí.

Tuesday morning (on the bus), and at home in the evening, I began work on It Might Happen Today.  On the whole, a good start, but I think I do want to tweak the rhythmic profile of the ostinato.  As I considered the start yesterday, it almost had the feel of an outtake from the Gloria – but that invitation to déjà vu can be completely remedied with minor alterations.

The work Tuesday night meant that I neglected to see to a transposition which I had promised Mark Lutton;  but I can take care of that in a trice, this morning.  (And his choir are out for summer, so there is no genuine rush.)


I did sketch out my rhythmic alterations for It M. Happen T., yesterday, and this morning, I find that they are just the thing.

And I just now saw to the transposition for Mark.  (Sure, it was practically just a matter of a mouse-click ....)

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