09 June 2018

Reeling It Off

It is just possible—or, no, more than possible, that when I set down 90 seconds as the planned duration of the War Dance here, I was allowing a buffer for when I felt that a seam would want letting out, here and there.  I have finished, and it runs up to just under two minutes, so that (as needed) the two dances together run to just under six.

Last night, I composed the ending, and then worked out the arch-like returns to B and A (as it were).  So that when I packed up the desk for the night, I had mm. 1-45 composed, and mm. 65-105 composed;  mm. 46-64 were void, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do there, and saw to the idea's execution this morning.

Work is, then, quite close to completion.

Since I have been blogging about the pieces, I have devised pseudonyms for purposes of submission.

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