29 January 2020

One adaptation out, a different adaptation in

Although. as hinted here, I was indeed thinking of following a friend's suggestion, to adapt Snootful of Hooch for flute and piano (as, indeed, I adapted just what everyone was expecting for clarinet and piano) when I actually set out to do so, I was dissatisfied with the thinness of the piano line:  The fact is, I wrote it for the voice of the vibes, and if the piano sounds thin, to rewrite the part in order to do the piano justice, I should make the piece something untrue to itself.  Where I am enormously pleased with the Snootful as it is.  Brian and Ela are wonderfully preoccupied at present with the arrival of a newborn. I do hope they take to the piece, when time may serve.

Some years ago my friend Aaron Larget-Caplan inaugurated his New Lullaby Project, for which, it pleases me to find, my recent berceusePour la petite Jos├ęphine is an apt fit, so I shall adapt that for guitar solo.

Starting to think seriously about the April King's Chapel program.

27 January 2020

First Ink of the Year

Friends now have a beautiful baby girl, so over the weekend I wrote a berceuse for flute and harp.

And I have at last finished the flute/vibraphone duo, Snootful of Hooch.  Now to adapt it to fl/pf.