05 June 2018

Dances (other than tango) in Boston

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– from Barbarisms That Become “Standard English” As an Accident of Poor Tech Editing

For the present requisite, I am thinking of a pair of dances:

1. Boston Harbor Heave-Ho (Tea Party Dance) – 4'
2. Revere’s Midnight Reel (War Dance) – 1'30

I have gotten a good start on both.

As I review this blog post of 22 May, I am a little bemused that I listed “The two week get-a-piece-written event” after Heart So White, as I am sure that (even then) I had known that there would be no way on earth that I should attend to both The Nerves and the Shakespeare scena before yesterday.

The Agnus Dei went beautifully Sunday night;  maestro Thos. Stumpf does a particularly excellent job with my scores (it was he who led Triad in exquisite performances of Nuhro a couple of seasons back).

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