05 November 2014

Well, now

... I get up in the morning, but it's too early to wake.
It's not the first time, and I already view the matter as purely artistic, and no question of "theological compromise" ... one of my tasks today was to devise a substitute text for a reference to the Holy Trinity.  I think it suits, but I await word.

Looked at the score of Stravinsky's Movements for piano and orchestra, for the first in a looong time.  Love the music, and typographically those "cut-out" scores of Igor Fyodorovich's are lovely to read.  Cannot help thinking that all those beams that elegantly connect divers instruments, to assist the reader of the score (I suppose) in making rhythmic flow connections, just don't translate as one prepares parts for the players to read from.  When you're an established Stravinsky, the executants make it work.  When you're still trying to get someone's ear, you've made things unnecessarily difficult.

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