14 November 2014

Mysterious[ly Tardy] Trumpeter

Per this post (among others), the lyrical coloratura Evelyn Griffin sang my Mystic Trumpeter exquisitely, way back in October. My equally highly esteemed colleague Peter H. Bloom also did wonderfully, playing piccolo for the brief instrumental epilogue, Après-mystère;   and that day (7 Oct 2014) was a landmark, in having the two pieces performed together (as the composer intended) for the first time.

(Due to mechanical insufficiency, the recorder unfortunately ran out in the middle of Après-mystère.  Thus, the audio of the "video" below is a "virtual performance" combining the 7.x.14 performance of the Op.113 № 1 with the 8.x.13 performance of the Op.113 № 2.)

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