12 November 2014

Day 5a

Although the sketch I have used as a source I wrote a bit earlier, this latest Avocado I essentially knocked off in the space of perhaps an hour. To recap, the Rule for these short pieces has been: to spread over (I nearly wrote cover) two pages, so that all three players read from score. And this latest piece runs perhaps 40 seconds;  so I'm not making any plea for exceptional artistry.  We might well argue that so brief a stretch of music, for only three players, ought not to occupy a composer for a long time. And now I wonder if I had not been too eager, to send it abroad when I have not allowed the music time to "cure" in my inner ear.

One thing I am pleased with is, that originally I thought this number would be "slow" (and thus, actually, an atypically long Avocado).  And I discovered this morning that, in fact, I wanted the underlying metrical pulse to be fast (and quite possibly the fastest in the set), and express the slowness of the music's conception in a broad harmonic rhythm.

Again: no great musical innovation, and nothing I have not done in some way or another in other pieces. But a happy "rediscovery" for application in a new context.

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