09 November 2014

Day 2a

Some "light" practicing, perhaps half an hour's worth, the "usual suspect" passages in both Irreplaceable Doodles and just what everyone was expecting. Comedy of cork grease errors, as the stick sold to me yesterday for 50 cents turned out to have been completely spent.  Olivia saved me by running back into a guitar shop and buying a fresh stick.

Close to finished with Tiny Wild Avocado N° 3. Nominally, I've reached the final double-bar, but that's not the end. I think what will work is, swapping that cadence for a passage presently in the "interior." Either that will, simply, work;  or the process of trying it out will illumine a proper ending.

Waiting for an Atlanta Chamber Players concert to begin. Met the young composer Adam Schoenberg, nice chap.

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