22 November 2014

On Fruit, and an unnecessary alarm

Light work as yet this morning, bringing sketches for The Mysterious Fruit into the Sibelius file, and adding touch of marimba here and there. More work on this later. After a grocery run.

From the Ministry of Movies I Haven't Seen in Decades, last night I watched the 1945 And Then There Were None. Very amused that I recognized in the actor who plays the Russian "professional guest," Mischa Auer, the same man who played a similar "professional guest" in My Man Godfrey of almost ten years earlier. Just a curious bit of type casting.

When I play Thoreau in Concord Jail, I make an extra effort to keep myself honest in terms of the passing of time. Pictured below is the inexpensive time keeper which I have been using, and which therefore traveled to Atlanta with me recently.  I find it useful both as a visual reminder not to be in a hurry, and also to ensure that I do not draw the time out overlong. On my way traveling back to Boston, the alarm feature on this clock somehow managed to switch on, as I learnt the first Monday morning after my return, when its beep beep started sounding ten minutes before my proper alarm would have waked me.  (That was not a bad time for me to have awakened, so the good news is that the alarm didn't go off at something like three in the morning.)  I could not figure out either how I had switched the alarm on, nor how to switch it off;  but I did somehow manage to reset the time that the alarm goes off, so that it sounds later in the morning, when it would not be a great inconvenience. Thus today the alarm sounded off at noon, the first I had heard it since last Monday;  and as I am at ease today, I had time to fiddle with the "soft buttons" so that by dumb luck, I did hit upon the combination to switch the alarm off. I know, I know: life's tiny, tiny successes.

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