06 November 2014

The wielding of the markers

Now I've finished marking the eight handbell parts for In the shadow of the kindly Star. It felt easy, the time felt fairly short; but I've honestly no idea if the task has genuinely gotten any easier, or if I just made a dozen mistakes which I was too careless to catch.

This is the week I head off to Atlanta, so I shall miss my choir both this Sunday morning and the rehearsal a week from tonight.

So, material I have ready to bring with me to rehearsal tonight:

1. O Holy Night in C, to determine if this transposition suits our Brenda
2. The marked parts, and score, for In the shadow of the kindly Star, wherewith to populate the ringers' folders
3. The first of the carols for the congregation to sing along
4. The round with which I have lately decided to finish out the evening
5. The second draught of The Whole Concert
6. Oh, and a simplified electric bass part for our young Annie

Looked at like this, I have had the busy week, with this in addition to preparing the clarinet for next week's journey, and dealing with an automotive/insurance issue.

I may just sleep on the plane down to Georgia . . . .

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