01 November 2014

At last! The next Avocado.

Having at last finished In the shadow of the kindly Star, and further, having taken some refreshing tea, I drew up Tiny Wild Avocado #2 (trio for two violins and viola) in fairly short order. Its subtitle is Autumn Leaves (Wind Effect). I don't believe there will be time to see to a third this week;  except that I could see myself composing it aboard my flight to Atlanta this coming Saturday.

This reopens the question, Do I want to bring my gear (that gear) with me?  And perhaps I do, at that.

This afternoon, I had a very productive (and, moreover, very nice) meeting and chat with Sylvie, the marimbist for whom (with Carola) I am setting Leo Schulte's The Mysterious Fruit.  One thing we did was, read through the opening two pages (with me trying to sing) ... of course, when I sang, I was rather concentrating on singing, and could not mark properly how manageable the marimba writing felt for Sylvie.  So I begged her to play those pages through without my voice. Fine, just fine.  And her demo of a few other pieces was very helpful, illuming, even;  and she gave me a copy of a most enlightening three-page document, a sort of introduction to a marimbist's world.  It is perfectly fair to say that I shall be writing a somewhat different, and a better, piece now that I have benefited from Sylvie's marimba seminar.

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