13 November 2014

Day 6

Quite frankly, a day of rest. Had lunch with Susan Clearman and Mark Gresham. Susan was in Boston when we first met, and she joined us as organist for part of the year when I served as Interim Choir Director at the Cathedral Church of St Paul in Boston. My publisher, Mark is a fellow composer, and one of the pieces performed at Eyedrum last night was his Vagabond Drumming, Book IV for two percussionists. You know it's a good lunch when you see that it's three o'clock, and you wonder how it got so late.

One compositional result:  I told them the story behind Le tombeau de W.A.G. (Don't quit your day job), and Mark wants a version for two tenor and one bass trombone. Done.

I've also done up a Deck for the Halls for my choir (sure, there must have been an easy way).  And I do think I have the idea for the fifth (and . . . final?) Tiny Wild Avocado.

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