23 August 2014

The game is afoot

Although in this post I suggested I mightn't keep it, I left the piano introduction intact.  It takes us to Eb, which is how I designed the first point of imitation in the chorus.  And the only real consideration behind the possible excision is, that those complicated, almost-planing chords wouldn't do, as a general thing, for accompanying a school chorus.

The overall design for the Op.123 is:
  1. Dona nobis pacem, partially set by imitation :: A section, 2'00
  2. Texts from Whitman, periodic solo passages, interspersed with choral statements :: B Section, 4'30
  3. Dona nobis pacem, partially set by imitation :: C section, 3'30
This morning, I wrapped up the A section;  and this afternoon I shall set to work on the B (upon which, yes, I have been a-pondering).  I have quite a bit of material already drawn up for the C section.

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