22 August 2014


Conductor Donald Teeters dies at 77
. . . best known for his pioneering advocacy of the choral works of Handel in period-instrument performances, but also led numerous world premieres of works by Daniel Pinkham, Scott Wheeler, and others.
Regretfully, my only memory of Don is negative.  At the invitation of a friend, the late John Swift, I allowed myself to send Don a score or two.  Now, he might have told John, No, this sort of work doesn't fit with our musical plans;  but, as it was, he permitted John to welcome me to submit a score or two for his perusal.  And as a result, I was informed that Don considered my work unworthy of his attention, unworthy of the Boston Cecilia's time.

This did not hurt my feelings;  it was but another case where a conductor, who nominally champions new music by living composers, failed to see the musical merit of my work.  So much the worse for them and their musical acumen.

I am sure Don was a fine conductor;  sure that he was a fine and deservedly respected teacher.  I know that many (friends of mine among them) will miss him, and rightly mourn him.

I only wish I had more pleasant occasions to remember him by.

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