04 January 2021

Keeping at It


The bartender calls this cocktail, the Pain in the Ass.
Postcards From Red Squirrel Trail

A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience.
— Mark Rothko

And, Exhibit B: Considering My Bliss Options, Op. 137 № 2b

Per my challenge to myself yesterday, it pleases me to report that I have worked more on I dreamt of reconciliation and harmony; I've now reached the 90-second mark, and I'm off for the night.

03 January 2021

Timbrally Heterogeneous Duo

 Late in October, flutist Paul Gardner and alto saxophonist Greg Weber sent recordings they made of two arrangements of mine: Zen on the WingOp. 114 № 2a (here) and Considering My Bliss OptionsOp. 137 № 2b

On 11 Dec as a thank-you, I began a new duo especially for them, I dreamt of reconciliation and harmony (which in fact, I recently had) my Op. 171. Almost a month later, I resumed work on it today, with an eye to restoring a habit of doing at least a little composing each day.