16 March 2024

Hoy, there!

Saxons go where Angles fear to tread. (The Jutes just sit by and watch.)
Postcards From Red Squirrel Trail

The intensity of his perfectionism on this movie, made the movie. This is a master at his best."

— Michael Deeley, on Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner

Almost three months have passed since my last post. There has mostly been the non-news of all the non-acceptance e-mail messages received, as none of the scores which I have submitted to several calls found a home.

We have had a successful reading, and (the following week) rehearsal of the present Henning Ensemble, which will play at King’s Chapel on Tuesday, 16 April.

The program will be:

The Argument for Harmony

Music of Karl Henning

Fuchsia Minor, Op. 179a (première)

I Dreamt of Reconciliation and Harmony, Op. 171 (Boston première)

Waiting on the Italian Paperwork (Throwing Vermicelli at the Wall), Op. 177 (première)

Nun of the Above, Op. 144e (première)

Peter H. Bloom & Carol Epple, flutes

Dan Zupan, alto saxophone

Dave Zox, contrabass