22 August 2014

Weekend, sweet weekend

For some portion of this week (and going back into the prior week) I was pulled in a few too many directions.  There’s the ballet I want to go back to (or, go back to again . . . because I have gotten back to it, and its completion is realistically in sight).  There’s the voice-&-marimba piece for Carola and Sylvie, for which the text is now ready.  There is the slight distraction I yielded to, in whipping up a short trio for two violins and viola (for which there is, in principle, standing demand).  There is a piece for “voice plus” for Sara.

But happily I have achieved the necessary focus upon a piece which we need ready at the beginning of September, for which I have a good volume of sketches, and hours of mentation to boot.  So I have Material and the Immaterial, and if we keep to a “one minute a day” plan, the piece can be done by the 1st.

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