27 October 2011

Shoe Fell

  1. Stravinsky, Symphonies pour instruments à vent (Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Thierry Fischer)
  2. Mompou, Cants magics № 5, Calma (the composer playing)
  3. Genesis, "Cuckoo Coccoon" from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
  4. JS Bach, WTC Vol. I, BWV988 – Prelude in D Major (Sergey Schepkin)
  5. Beethoven, Piano Sonata № 5 in c minor, Op.10 № 1, ii. Adagio molto (Wilhelm Kempff)
  6. Billy Joel, "Close to the Borderline" from Glass Houses
  7. Schumann, Violin Sonata № 2 in d minor, Op.121, i. Ziemlich langsam. Lebhaft (Gidon Kremer, Martha Argerich)
  8. JS Bach, Goldberg Variations, BWV988 – Variatio 27, Canone alla Nona. a 2 Clav. (Christiane Jaccottet)
  9. The Beatles, "Good Day, Sunshine" from Revolver
  10. The Bobs, "There Ain't Nobody Here (But Us Chickens)" from Rhapsody in Bob
  11. Jethro Tull, "Driving Song" from Living in the Past
  12. Gesualdo, Tenebrae responsory for Good Friday, Nocturnus II: Tanquam ad latronem (A Sei Voci)
  13. Jethro Tull, "Black Satin Dancer" from Minstrel in the Gallery
  14. JS Bach, Goldberg Variations, BWV988 – Aria (Christiane Jaccottet)
  15. Chicago, "Hope for Love" from Chicago X
  16. Beethoven, Piano Sonata № 16 in G, Op.31 № 1, iii. Rondo Allegretto (Wilhelm Kempff)
  17. JS Bach, Schübler Chorale, "Wer nur den
    lieben Gott läßt walten," BWV647 (Helmut Walcha)
  18. Mompou, Variations on a Theme of Chopin, x. Évocation (the composer playing)
  19. Thelonious Monk, "Boo Boo's Birthday" (Take 2) from Underground (reissued)
  20. Mompou, Música callada, vol. 2, xv. Lento – plaintif (the composer playing)
  21. JS Bach, Suite for cello solo № 1 in G, BWV1007 iv. Sarabande (Casals)
  22. Prokofiev, Visions fugitives, op22 № 5, Molto giocoso (Michel Béroff)
  23. Thelonious Monk, "Monk's Mood" from At Town Hall (reissued)
  24. Prokofiev, Piano Sonata № 9 in C, Op.103 – iv. Allegro con brio ma non troppo presto (Matti Raekallio)
  25. Prokofiev, Visions fugitives, op22 № 3, Allegretto (Michel Béroff)
  26. Scarlatti, Sonata in D, Pastorale – Allegro, K.415 (Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord)
  27. Scarlatti, Sonata in A, Allegro, K.323 (Pieter-Jan Belder, fortepiano)
  28. Shostakovich, Prelude & Fugue № 19 in E-flat, from Op.87 (Tatiana Nikolayeva)
  29. Frank Zappa & The Mothers, "Flower Punk" from We're Only In It For the Money
  30. Ginastera, Variaciones concertantes, Op.23, Variazione in modo di scherzo per clarinetto (Orquesta de Ciudad de Granada, Josep Pons)
  31. Shostakovich, Symphony № 5 in d minor, Op.47 – iv. Allegro non troppo (CSO, André Previn)

20 October 2011

Du jour

1. Nielsen: Suite from Aladdin, FS 89 – Aladdin’s Dream & Morning Dance (SFSO, Blomstedt)

2. Penguin Café Orchestra: “Salty Bean Fumble” from Penguin Café Orchestra

3. Shostakovich: Symphony № 5 in d minor, op47, iii. Largo (Prague Symphony, Maksim Dmitriyevich)

4. Wm Walton: Sonata for violin & piano, ii. Tema: Andante (Yehudi Menuhin, vn; Louis Kentnor, pf)

5. Prokofiev: Piano Sonata № 3 in a minor, op28 (Matti Raekallio)

6. Thelonious Monk: “Raise Four” from Underground

7. Mozart: Symphony № 40 in g minor, K.550, iii. Menuetto. Allegretto (ASMF, Marriner)

8. Colorblind James Experience: “Wedding at Cana” from Why Should I Stand Up?

9. Chopin: Piano Sonata № 3 in b minor, op58, ii. Scherzo (Martha Argerich)

10. Beethoven: Piano Sonata № 28 in A, op101, iii. Langsam und sehnsuchsvoll (Wilhelm Kempff)

11. Scarlatti, Sonata K.448 in f# minor, Allegro (Pieter-Jan Belder)

12. Wm Schuman: Symphony № 9, ‘Le fosse ardeatine,’ ii. Offertorium (Seattle Symphony, Schwartz)

13. Prokofiev: Visions fugitives, op22 № 20, Lento irrealmente (Olli Mustonen)

14. Palestrina: Missa Aeterna Christi munera, Sanctus (Oxford Camerata, Summerly)

15. Gershwin: An American in Paris (Geo Gershwin, via piano rolls)

19 October 2011


Fresh shuffle:

1. Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet, Opus 64 — Act I, Sc. 1, № 8 — Interlude (BSO, Ozawa)
2. JS Bach: Chorale Prelude, Komm, heiliger Geist BWV 652 (Helmut Walcha)
3. 10cc: “Rubber Bullets” from 10cc
4. Bonzo Dog Doo/Dah Band: “Button Up Your Overcoat” from Gorilla [reissue]
5. Thelonious Monk Orchestra: “Thelonious” from At Town Hall
6. Frank Zappa & The Mothers: “Any Way the Wind Blows” from Freak Out!
7. Jethro Tull: “Play in Time” from Benefit
8. Tchaikovsky: The Mercy of Peace from the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom (Dumka National Choir of the Ukraine)
9. JS Bach: Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist BWV 674 (Helmut Walcha)
10. Bartók: The Miraculous Mandarin, Op.19 Sz73 The Mandarin enters and stands immobile in the doorway (LSO, Doráti)
11. Frank Zappa & The Mothers: “Louie, Louie (At the Royal Albert Hall in London)” from Uncle Meat
12. Jethro Tull: “Inside” from Benefit

17 October 2011

A peep

An old song newly rehabilitated received its première performance yesterday in Nashville . . . and it looks like we'll rock The Mousetrap again this November in Ohio.