11 May 2019

On Mistaken for the Sacred

The Triad concerts are tonight and tomorrow night.

And the k a rl h e nn i ng Ensemble concert is Tuesday at lunchtime.

I am thinking about Mistaken for the Sacred, which I originally intended as a wooden percussion solo for Olivia Kieffer accompanied by fixed media, and for which I wound up composing wind parts, in which form we have performed the piece twice.

After the reasonable success of this alternate version, I meant to compose out a solo for Liv, but other tasks distracted me.

Somehow it is today that I am considering this article of unfinished business. I began to wonder if the "solution" is to allow the percussionist free improvisatory rein; and I put this question to Liv (or is this a cop-out on my part?, I queried)

And altough she is capable of just improvising (and cooperative so to do, if that be my wish), her suggestion was that even some kind of structgure/guidance would be a valuable springboard, so shall I soon act upon this capital suggestion.