03 August 2014

Back to the Crocs

Wheels are starting to turn for the November trip to Atlanta.  There will be a crack pianist, so my thoughts turned to both Night of the Weeping Crocodiles and Mirage, which right away I thought would adapt readily for clarinet, percussion and piano: vibraphone in Mirage . . . marimba (plus?) in Crocodiles.

Now that my notebook has come home (!) I could survey the electronic file situation.  From my White Nights work, I knew that I might not have Sibelius files for either trio.  To my surprise, I did find a Sibelius file for both, but the score for Crocodiles was only a start.

So far today, I've worked a bit on furthering the lachrymose reptiles, and then took a break because I found I had a complete Sibelius file for Mirage, and it was just as easy as I expected, to prepare the arrangement for that piece.

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