25 August 2014

Closing in on Labor Day

Viz. Dona nobis pacem: Paul wrote back early yesterday with a warm (i.e., positive) response to the 'A' section. Originally, I had intended to work some more on the 'B' section yesterday, but . . . while I think I have got it off to an acceptable start, I realized that I want first to plan out the 'architecture' of the 'B' section, just as I did with the larger-scale Mystic Trumpeter. I expect I shall "write through" the Whitman text for the 'B' section more efficiently (I mean, in less time, and no whit less musically) when I shall have bent just a little thought to an overall scheme - the benefit of knowing where one is going, which in this case is a bit easier, too, since I have material for the 'C' section, and already have an idea where to go then (i.e., at the end of 'B').

There is ample time to Get It Right, and of course, since Paul responded so artfully to (among other pieces) Plotting, this is an ongoing collaboration which has the composer motivated in all the right ways to go on Getting It Right.

Had a good long talk with Mark on the phone yesterday. Among other matters, we're getting ideas flowing for my trip to Atlanta in November. Olivia is necessarily preoccupied at present with the launch of the school year (and other events, besides) . . . I am hoping before long to have her thoughts on the various scores I've passed on to her.

Choir season is nigh! And I need to compose an article for the church newsletter, this morning.

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