30 March 2020

Night the Fourth done

After a few days of pulling, pushing, and tweezing, I have now finished Scene 12b "Nastenka! Nastenka! It's you!" which runs not quite four minutes.

25 March 2020

Poised to go on.

Although I did not do any actual work on Scene 12b today, I did my "pre-work."  Even this nearly did itself, as I reviewed a great deal of the music already in the can, in preparing a soundfile which was requested of me in the service of an exciting possibility.

24 March 2020

Music in time of social distancing

With both my church choir and Triad on quite necessary hiatus, as well as the King's Chapel lunchtime concert series, I have taken the cosmic hint, and set to completing (yes, at long last) White Nights.  Today, I finished Scene 12a (call it four minutes).  Tomorrow, plunging right into Scene 12b.

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