30 August 2014

The season is nigh!

I must have spent about 90 minutes in my choir room this morning, tidying, pulling out folders of music for the first rehearsal (this Thursday), including some Christmas music (we'll sing a Christmas concert 14 December, so getting a start on learning the music must be the right idea). Even just leafing through the three-ring binder "index" of our library, I chanced upon two suitable (and eminently preparable) anthems, one of which we'll use for our first Sunday of singing (14 Sep).

I want the re-introduction of my own music to be a welcome "change," so none of the music we'll put in the folders this week will be my own.

Well, nearly:  one of the Christmas pieces is Bill Grabbe's lovely setting of Hodie Christus natus est, which I arranged.

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