13 August 2014

... illa existimans quia hortulanus esset ....

Finished the Op.121 in something of a blur, or, enough of a blur, that I wanted to sleep on it, and decide whether it was really done, or whether it needed anything, when I was well rested.

Op.121 was originally going to be an unaccompanied clarinet piece (The Tower Room Is Empty) for the Bill Goodwin Memorial Concert. However, I decided to write the brass trio, Le tombeau de W.A.G., instead. At first, it was in addition to, rather than instead of; but as the concert was filling up with items, I decided to go with the brass trio, not least because it was finished first.

By no means do I suffer any delusion that, when I have written music down, it is too precious to discard; in the present case, I did not think it right to abandon sketches for a piece in memory of a departed friend. I always meant to put that music to use; and in fact, very soon re-purposed it for "the new Op.121," ... illa existimans quia hortulanus esset .... for cello and piano.

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