23 September 2014

The Mystic Trumpeter, rehearsal II

Had a splendid, energizing, productive rehearsal with Evelyn last night.  She has, not surprisingly, learnt the piece better . . . or perhaps it is a bit of a surprise - since we rehearsed last just Friday, and she had a very musically busy weekend (she is singing in a local production of Carmen).  So we made good progress, rehearsing section by section in order . . . and then, I asked her if she had steam enough to try running the lot, and seeing where we were.  That run-through was not perfect, but the piece is in a very encouraging state.  For after all, the concert is not until 7 October; and we rehearse again this Friday.

And from the clarinetist's perspective:  just playing through the piece twice is a fine, robust practicing routine . . . .

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