13 September 2014

Beginning to catch up

Choir rehearsal this past Thursday went very well; we’re still in the stamina-rebuilding phase, and I’ve filled the choir folders with pieces which (as was remarked) are “energetic but not too sentimental,” so the group have had good energy. Just for fun, really (and since the octavos were in the filing cabinets, and I was asked to lead them in livelier music) there are two calypso arrangements (one of them for Christmas – yes, the classic Calypso Christmas!) and one of the quicker tasks on my slate for this weekend is to create bass parts so that one of the young adults in the congregation can play along.

One delightful surprise was a call from Paul which I took as I was walking from my car to the church (I was plenty early for rehearsal, so we had a nice un-rushed chat). The Framingham chorus were not able to get to my Op.123 on their rehearsal this past Tuesday, but they will be sure to start work on it next week. Paul also thinks it possible he might do the piece with his choir at FCB; which is exactly the sort of “could be” which is an effective motivation to get a Lux Nova imprint prepared (something which will happen anyway, as Lux Nova and I together consider the piece readily marketable).

Further, at FCB they are starting to revive a handbell choir, so Paul asked for some of my pieces. Exciting times!

The concert in Framingham for the concert première of the Op.123 (if Paul decides to bring it to First Church, they may sing it Sunday, 2 Nov) is probably Tuesday, 9 Dec.

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