04 September 2014

A new year

Tonight is the first choir rehearsal of the "new year," and I am pleased and excited to make music with all these good people again. And I think I've figured out a way to "reform" the choir folders, their numeration. This was something which did not make any sense to disrupt the singers mid-year; and by the same token, if I am going to do it, better do it now.

Towards the end of last season, I got the peculiar feeling that I was pushing too much of my own music on them. (It was not intentional; there were some non-Henning pieces which didn't work out at a couple of points.) Anyway, we'll start this year off with no Henning in the folder, and the composer will be discreet about "leavening" the repertoire.

Part of me still wants to try Sweetest Ancient Cradle Song for the Christmas concert; part of me doesn't want to bother with A Certain Factor.

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