02 September 2014

Labor Day done

Reporting a little late, but:

Got the organ solo arrangement (Op.77a) of the Canzona & Gigue done for Carson Cooman, who advises that he will include the twain on a program at King's Chapel on 15 Feb 2015.

Had a nice chat with Olivia Kieffer, who reports that the Reinhardt University Percussion Ensemble are having fun preparing My Island Home.  And she is game to put just what everyone was expecting together for our 11 Nov 2014 concert.  (Is it forward of me to call it our concert?)

Luke Ottevanger has re-emerged!

Looking forward to our first choir rehearsal of the new singing season, this Thursday.  They want energy, and why not?

And with the distractions (peculiar, peculiar distractions) of the Labor Day weekend at last done, this evening I got back to work on the Op.123 for the Framingham State Chorus.

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