20 September 2014

A little Christmas

A little to my own surprise, I managed to get the choral score for Sweetest Ancient Cradle Song done today . . . and I only started it at perhaps ten o'clock this morning. To be sure, the task went much smoother in Sibelius than I ever worked with Finale. And this very morning I learnt a method, or a task, which greatly simplified the process of reducing the brass quintet to two (or at times three) staves. That work done, layout and page flow remained. After the first pass, the choral score ran to 42pp., but there were perhaps 4-5 pages on which there was only a single system. After a walk, a quick grocery run, and supper, I reduced the staff size slightly . . . and then re-flowed the pages afresh, getting the choral score down to 37pp. Now, to print a proof of the shorter of the two, to confirm that it is as legible as I wish.

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