02 January 2014

What's in store?

2014 Henningmusick which is in the offing:

A pair of concerts (31 Jan & 1 Feb) in Danvers and Somerville, with fellow composers Jim Dalton, Nancy RexfordCharles Turner, and flutist Peter H Bloom, which will see the première of Jazz for Nostalgic Squirrels, Op.117.

The Libella Quartet will sing Annabel Lee, Op.111 again (March, I think).

Cellist Sara Richardson Crigger will play Nicodemus brings myrrh and aloes for the burial of the ChristOp.85 № 4 on 6 April.

The next King's Chapel date is 15 April, so there will be scheming of a new piece.

The First Church Boston choir will sing Love is the spirit of this church, Op.85 № 3 in a service during the AGO festivities here in Boston (June).

And I have high hopes for premières of Plotting (y is the new x), Op.116, just what everyone was expecting, Op.114 № 1, My Island Home, Op.115, and even Airy Distillates, Op.110.  Oh, and the Organ Sonata, Op.108, and perhaps even the saxophone choir arrangement of Intermezzo I from White Nights, Op.75.

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