03 January 2014

But wait, there's more

Even though I posted just yesterday about the Henningmusickal events which are already reliably on the 2014 calendar, I blush to log an addition to the minutes:

Nana Tchikhinashvili, whose choir Moderato Cantabile in the Netherlands sang my Magnificat on two or three occasions in 2008, writes to say that the choir will sing the piece again, both in concerts in the Netherlands in May and June, and for an event in Rome in October.

Yesterday, I finished Jazz for Nostalgic Squirrels, Op.117, the quartet for flute, clarinet (in A), guitar and double-bass.

And somehow, I was determined to finish a workable bass flute adaptation of the Angular Whimsies . . . so tonight I completed Whimsy brevis (Sharper Angles), Op.100b for bass flute and piano.

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