20 January 2014

Squirrels (their first cavorting)

Charles, Peter & I had a splendid, fun, and excellently productive rehearsal this afternoon.  Before Charles joined us, Peter & I went through the three duos, one of which (Swivels & Bops) we have not played in a few years, I should think.  In the intervening time, I've written so much music else, Swivels & Bops was almost like new music to myself;  it's a very good feeling, when reacquainting oneself with an 'old' work, to continue to feel one is pleased to own it.  (And there is a small musical joke in there, which tickled me a great deal when playing it again at last.)  The three pieces will make a nice sequence for the concert.

Then came Charles, and we worked first on his trio, The Unarmed Man, which will make a good energetic opener for the concerts.  We then spent some time with Jazz for Nostalgic Squirrels, although we were only three-fourths of the quartet . . . and lo! I need to practice some of my own notes.

A great portion of today, I spent getting much work done on the Credo . . . very close to the finish.

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