09 January 2014

Trending towards publicity

In preparing for the two concerts a-coming, some few communal decisions have been needed for the pre-publicity housekeeping. We have at last (democratically, and yet quite efficiently) determined a name for the Event, a fusion of elements of the sundry works: Bards, Gazelles, Squirrels & Sonatas.

And a name for the ad-hoc ensemble has been unanimously approved; it was a suggestion of my own, but one which arose while we all (and with the help of some virtual friends) were bandying ideas (and a suggestion from Florida, The Four, was spoken of well by more than one of us).

The basic inspiration for my suggestion came from a Firesign Theatre bit, when they did a doo-wop number and called their quartet The Eight Shoes. Similarly, as we are four composers, I suggested The Eight Ears.

But then, thinking that the art of music does not, in a sense, exist unless there is audience to hear it, the thought came to me that more than our eight is needed.

So the name of our group is: The Ninth Ear.

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