30 January 2014

Agreeable unsettlednesses

Rehearsal this evening, both with Charles Turner (his two Angel duets) and with my choir (should be able to read through the Alleluia in D again).

Later, I shall call D'Anna Fortunato to talk about the setting I am writing of Leo Schulte's "The Crystalline Ship" for her and Peter H. Bloom.  In fact, I am getting close to wrapping up the voice setting of the text, and must soon make baritone saxophone decisions . . . .

Still awaiting word on the inaugural read-through of the saxophone choir arrangement of Intermezzo I from White Nights.

Our concerts are tomorrow and the day after;  and all the music feels reasonably good.

And the time draweth near when, one way or another, we shall know about Quijote and the sheep he counteth.

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