01 January 2014

What I'm reading on line

First thing this brand spanking new year, what am I perusing on-line?

A New Year’s Guide to Classical Music [ Breakfast with Paul ]

The ninth in a series of Paul Cienniwa's timely attempts to de-marginalize classical music.

Horns & [H]alleluja [ Haydn Seek ]

Mike McCaffrey discusses two signal Haydn symphonies from 1765.

"The solution is more exposure to live concerts." [ On an Overgrown Path ]

The blogger notes the unnecessary blockage which is the devilish work of the "Classical music [...] version of the military-industrial complex." (What, the solution is not a small coterie of huge names, to be compensated on the order of business CEOs?)

Journal [ Rebecca Perriello ]

The tree, the sky, and some birds who man the frontier where the twain meet.

Rules, whether they may niff or not [ Renewable Music ]

Follow them, or mess with them?

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