01 September 2018

Irreverence in Time of War

It’s always “only this once” ... the first time.
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

The bartender calls this cocktail the “Pain in the Ass.”
Postcards From Dead Squirrel Trail

For the first time since seeing it in the cinema back when the movie was first released, I watched Good Morning, Vietnam.  Somewhat bittersweet, with the recent-ish deaths of, first, Robin Williams, and lately the real-life Adrian Cronauer.  One trivial matter which set me to smiling (in a movie productive of many smiles) was a housekeeping detail.  In one of Williams’s improvisations near the end, he sings a bit of the theme from Rawhide;  and as a consequence, Dimitri Tiomkin appears in one of the many music credits rolling at the end.

God bless you, Adrian Cronauer and Robin Williams, wherever you are.

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