18 September 2018

Thy song expands my numb’d, imbonded spirit

And he called the band down to the stage,
And he looked at all the friends he made.
– Jethro Tull, "The Minstrel in the Gallery"

He permitted no sound of lute or harp or song or other loose minstrelsy to be heard in his fortress, debauching the ear and softening the valor of the soldier; no other music was allowed but the wholesome rolling of the drum and braying of the trumpet, and such like spirit-stirring instruments as filled the mind with thoughts of iron war.
– Washington Irving, Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada,
"Of the Fortress of Alhama, and How Wisely It Was Governed by the Count de Tendilla"

Excellent, positive, productive Triad meeting last night. And I was served as fine a cup of chamomile tea as was ever quaffed in the Commonwealth.  Reflecting the present reduction in both personnel and rehearsal time, we're planning a program partly of SATB (or thereabouts) unaccompanied pieces, partly of solos.  Hence, it was decided (and not upon my insistence) to proceed with It Might Happen Today; and as one of the solo works, Sudie is looking at The Mystic Trumpeter.  Curiously, about a week ago I began contemplating a new voice-&-clarinet Whitman setting, to perform with Amanda; revisiting "that strange musician" of the Op.113 will be the perfect preparation.

And–as if that were not enough good news for one day/blog post–Marshunda wrote asking if we might go forward with Deep Breath for No Name Orchestra's 19 January date.

Tonight, I should chop out some handbell music.

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