04 December 2017

These past several days

Thu:  Church choir rehearsal, the first at which our new organist has officially been our newly appointed organist.  With the approaching Christmas concerts, there is a lot of material in the folders.  However, two of the octavos we sang this past Sunday morning, and will not make further use of – so future rehearsal becomes a little easier.  We have a most welcome guest we are expecting for the Christmas Eve Lessons & Carols, and I should both select the additional material, and assemble a pack for said to guest to prepare.

Fri:  Went to MCC in Bedford for a Faculty Concert, heard Orlando play.  Altogether a fine show.  That said, MCC in Bedford appears to be an utter dead end for Henningmusick.

Sat:  Took the day off.  Well, almost entirely off:  started a new Christmas cl/org piece a Gavotte After « Il est né » Need to wrap this up soon, but I won’t lie – it is impossible to think about compositional progress this Monday morning.

Sun:  After church, a sleeves-rolled-up rehearsal for the Christmas concerts of 16 & 17 Dec.  The interludes which I composed (fl/vn/org) for Torches will be fine.  Good “re-acquaintance rehearsal” for Gabriel’s Message, too.

I think I have figured out how to get sound from the TV to the sound bar;  all that was needed, is the manual for the TV (to clarify the jacks on the reverse) and – now – the right sort of cable to connect the proper TV jack to the sound bar.  Although this was the original purpose for which I bought the sound bar, the appliance is already a success, as I can send music to it via Bluetooth.

What a wonderful world . . . .

Watched Vincent Price as guest villain “Egghead” on Batman last night (originally broadcast 19/20 Oct 1966).  Nelson Riddle’s (IIRC) music for this episode is a playful ingenious variation on “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”;  predictable, we might call it, but very well executed.

And, this week I complete my inaugural survey of the Langgaard string quartets.  High time, some may say.

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