15 December 2017

Day 3 of The 13 Days of Zappaness, 2017 Edition

To what shall we liken the magnificence, the alternating tenderness and ass-kickdom, the beauties and the beauteous high-jinks, the sheer magic of “RDNZL”?  Beginning with the cheap Jedi Mind Trick avant la lettre” of the title, which has ever lured me into misreading it as Redunzel, in parody of a classic fairy-tale—where Zappa may or may not have had that in mind.  Here is the freewheeling chamber-music fancy evident in “Aybe Sea,” expanded in scale, adding in the process an exquisitely lyrical moto perpetuo tune, and (to speak merely from the timeline of my own perspective) the first of countless ear-opening, expertly executed guitar solos.

No More Can This On Stage Be Done.  Search your feelings . . . .

Day 3, “RDNZL” (from You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 5)

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