16 December 2017

Day 4 of The 13 Days of Zappaness, 2017 Edition

The journey, begun long ago, of the religious con men is now complete: whenever the word Evangelical appears in print, in pixels, or is heard on the news, the sober-minded reader (or, as it may be, viewer) will be unable to help hearing the coy percussive sound of “televangelical” lips puckering up to the Buttocks of Power.
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

More than once over the years, I too have joked that our great Nation enjoys perhaps the only two-party system in the world, which is in fact a one-party system.  There are sharper differences between Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy than there sometimes seems to be between the Democrats and the Republicans;  and both parties have unleashed characters which have inspired the unsparing derision of Mr. Zappa.  This year, however, has taught America that there is at least one substantial difference.  Today’s selection in celebration of FZ’s music is a nod to that unique Party, Grand and Old, where being a conspiracy-theorist whack-job is no obstacle to being accepted as a “legitimate” candidate.

Day 4, “Republicans” (from Frank Zappa: Guitar)

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