24 December 2017

Day 12 of The 13 Days of Zappaness, 2017 Edition

Do what you want to, do what you will;
Just don’t mess up your neighbor’s thrill.

’Tis almost as if he wrote it, then, for America in 2017; and thus ’tis especially apt for the Night Before Christmas.  They just takes care of #1, and #1 ain’t you—you ain’t even #2.

On 23 Dec 1960, The Twilight Zone aired a Christmas story, “The Night of the Meek,” quite an affecting tale with the principal acting done by Art Carney.  This is one of a relatively few stories from the iconic series, to be refreshed for the second series in the ’80s (and itself broadcast 20 Dec 1985).

Zappa wrote his little ditty in or near 1980, but it remains evergreen, because (as with “The Night of the Meek”) the actors may change, but the story remains the same.

Day 12, “The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing” (from You Are What You Is)

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