29 December 2017

henningmusick addendum: 2017 Henningmusick Performances

henningmusick: 2017 Henningmusick Performances

But, ladies & gentlemen, we have a late addition:

24 Dec 2017 Fantasy on « I Saw Three Ships on Christmas Day », Op.146 № 4 (trumpet & organ version); Jonathan Swygert & al., Atlanta, GA

... and (just like me) of course I neglected to include:

31 Dec 2017 New Year’s Carol, Op.142 № 2; HTUMC Choir; Danvers, MA

... and possibly with our young flutist playing the obbligato.

So, Gentle Reader, in spite of the fact that November was Laryngitis Month, and that my own participation was reduced for a crucial while, I found the Triad concerts to be possibly our strongest musical outing yet.  I was still out of commission for (and conducted two pieces only, i.e. did not sing at all, at) the 12 November Preview Concert in Beverly.  The experience of singing the program for an audience that day, gave us musical targets for Monday evening’s subsequent rehearsal.  My voice was sufficiently recovered that I could sing for the concerts on the 16th and 17th, although it was rather out of rehearsal, and my own personal performance was probably not all I should wish.  But the level of the group for the two "main" concerts was exceptionally good, I felt.

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