29 August 2013

What I'm reading this week on-line

[O]ne of the most important lessons: what happens backstage stays backstage.

Pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont stops reading all the dirty laundry and nattering, and improves the quality of his life.

Building a Slave Society Through Higher Education [Breakfast with Paul]

Partly touching on how college has become just a rung on the ladder up to a job.

[W]ork wisely. Feed the music beast. [Trumpet Matters]

From Phil Collins (no, not that one)

Meerenai Shim recaps “Banglewood”

Hoboken on his mind

Wm Dart of Auckland likes Petrenko’s account of the Leningrad

And . . . although this site seems to promise resourcefulness, half a dozen of the links I mashed are to apparently inactive blogs.


PC said...

And we're reading you!

PC said...

And, thanks to you, I left this comment here: http://www.classical-scene.com/2013/08/28/meravelhas-pilgrims/#comment-21082